Entering the blogosphere

bbbHello, bloggers, it’s my pleasure to finally have entered the blogosphere in this world of new media. The importance of expressing my thoughts is crucial, not only in helping future employers learn more about me but hopefully educating the public as well. I will focus my blog on current issues in PR, particularly in the area of crisis communication and addressing press freedom.

The availability of information is ever-expanding, and the ability to express your thoughts on a focused issue, or broader issue, is a great resource and intelligence to have. Since college, I’ve become interested in government PR and the cultural differences between nations. Culture has always been a passion of mine. I’m not one for too much structure, and I believe personal thoughts should not have a uniformed outline. I hope to relate this to the profession of PR and explain its impact on our professional lives as practitioners. It may be a difficult task as far as research and narrowing down information, but it looks to be rewarding, as well.

My thoughts often get scrambled as I’m writing them, but I hope I can relay information in a way that is targeted and easy to follow. This blog is not only for readers of PR news but also for those who follow current events and are looking for an opinionated yet intelligent post.


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